Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Russian massage, Trigger point treatment. What is it and how is it different? If you are a client looking for a massage, how do you know what to ask for?

There are many types of special massage in Sydney. Massage is as old as people, even older, and each culture has developed its approach. There are certain types of massage that come from Thailand or Hawaii, for example.


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Swedish massage is commonly referred to as a relaxing massage. It originates in Europe and relies heavily on gliding and kneading movements. However, rubbing and shaking motions can also be used. This is a general message for relaxation and health.

Sports massage is a massage specifically designed for the needs of athletes and physically active people. There are broad areas: pre- and post-massage, post-injury rehabilitation, and general sports massage during training to maintain and enhance athlete performance.

Deep tissue massage is a massage that targets the deeper muscles of the body. Both clients and masseuses often confuse "deep" with "tough." However, the two are not necessarily the same.

Russian massage is a massage system developed in the former USSR as a medical massage and sports massage. As with other European massages, shifting, kneading, rubbing, and shaking are used.