Galvanized steel is among the most popular steel types because of its extended durability, having the strength and properties of steel plus the corrosion protection of the zinc-iron coating.

Many industries utilize galvanized steel primarily because it has such a wide array of benefits for industries to take advantage of for long term, Low initial cost, Rust resistance and higher strength.

In addition, galvanized steel( which is also known as เหล็กชุบสังกะสี in the Thai language) is immediately ready to use when delivered. It does not require additional preparation of the surface, inspections, painting/coatings, etc. This type of steel is expected to last more than 50 years in average environments, and can last over 20 years with severe water exposure.

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Apart from this, in automobile industry the cars bodies and many bicycles are made from galvanized metals. Some drinking water pipes are still made from galvanized steel.

Cool rolled sheet metal is also frequently galvanized. Nuts, bolts, tools, and wires of all kinds are now galvanized because it is a cheap process, and helps boost the metal’s lifespan.

Moreover, in construction industry is often used galvanized steel frame for making a structure of particular building parts to give them a stylish and modern look. Although, handrails, staircases, roofs and outdoor walkways, these all are great choices for galvanized metal.

Similarly, in commercial plumbing system, we use galvanized steel pipe for water connection in different application and also used galvanized joint pipes for direction purposes.