In a world where everyone wants more than a drink, blenders are fast becoming tools of necessity in any modern kitchen. From making smoothies, crushing ice to pulsed vegetables, the uses of a blender are innumerable. Most brands come with ergonomic features and outstanding performance to help you get the perfect blend of food.

In an effort to help you make a decision, here is a comprehensive guide to the best-rated blenders. An ultimate portable blender that is synonymous with quality and excellent performance provides the ability to destroy the snow, blend frozen fruit into velvet smoothies and cut vegetables evenly in seconds. In addition, the tool is may be equipped with a 400 Watt power making it very flexible.

This blender is ideal for health-conscious individuals. It is for those who want to make healthy and nutritious drinks that can help them fight the disease, reduces joint pain and weight loss. It is compact in size, which makes it portable. It is also safe for children and has a smooth texture that is appealing to the eye. In other words, this is a blender to buy if you want a healthy, refreshing drink while travelling in a matter of seconds.

Blending has never been easier thanks to the portable blender. With double blending speed, this unit is designed to perform a wide variety of basic tasks. To enable this, you have to do is press a low, or High button depending on whether you want the pulse or mix. Ease of operation has been a major selling point of this machine.