Due to the global economic crisis of the past few years, housing loans for the buying of property by would-be home-owners have become problematic, and the interest in rental housing increased as a result. To know about local real estate agents online you can search the browser.

The attraction for the investor was not only the possibly regular monthly income but mostly the appealing capital growth pattern on the property in this country.

Through the '90s and until the financial crisis the re-sale value of houses increased significantly to untold heights in South Africa, making an expense in rental businesses in the correct residential districts even more alluring.

At the lower end of rental properties, there once was rental control, but this act has been repealed and rent payments on all homes are flexible.

In practice, however, any negotiation on rental prices is negated by the need for rental properties. The rental market, nonetheless, is controlled by the now established by the Rental Housing Tribunal. Complaints on unfair rentals might be referred to this tribunal for assessment.

Rentals have tended to grow past the levels traditionally incurred, mainly as a result of an increase in demand because of the global financial meltdown but also due to the rise in investment levels by investors as a result of attractive increase levels in property values from the '90s onwards although those have of course have bogged down.

This situation has resulted in an unparalleled surge in an occupational rental in rental properties. Whereas the intention of any investment should be to secure the highest returns on invested capital, rentals charged, oftentimes, started outstripping the reasonableness, therefore, especially in the present economic conditions.