Hot water heater problems can occur at any moment. It can be on an unexpected time like when you are having a shower. Sometimes, we get annoyed when this happens. This applies especially when we are in the middle of our shower or when we are in a rush.

Such problem can be solved easily. As long as you know which part is malfunctioning, you can easily solve the problem. There are some common hot water heater problems and their corresponding solutions. You can also look for a professional water heater test via (also known as "varmvattenberedare test via" in the Swedish Language).

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For electric hot water heater:

1. Water pollutants can be created when the appliance is being used for a long period of time. These pollutants can make a layer of deposit on the base of the tank. Thus, it will hamper the performance of the heater. Also, it will curtail the life of the appliance. Lower down the temperature so that the layer of the deposit will become soft. 130 degrees of temperature can work.

2. Scarcity of water: Thrust the reset button. This button is found on the cut off of high temperature. Check the thermostat. If they are malfunctioning, replace them. Also, check the testing element. If it is defective, you better replace them.

3. Inadequate hot water: Change the settings of the thermostat. Set it in another way then test the new setting of the thermostat.

4. Very hot water. This hot water heater problem can hurt our skin: Thermostat settings should be adjusted. Set it again. Afterward, test it if there is a change.

5. Heater leaks: Examine the pressure valve. If the leak comes here, change the valve. Taut the bolts which are mounted on the element gasket. If needed, change also the gasket.