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Overview of T-Shirt Printing Techniques

Throughout the years the fashion and apparel industry has evolved rapidly, especially when it comes to the middle and lower classes. After all, to witness all the imagination spent on making new clothes one only needs to look at what is sometimes catwalk models wearing; it's mind-boggling.

What exactly is a print T-shirt? Well, you might have seen a variety of T-shirts has been with run-of-the-mill mass-produced designs for public consumption. While some designs are important, the truth is that for many people they do not have enough uniqueness, considering there are thousands, not millions more models are basically the same.

What print T-shirt allows you to do is to make your own shirt with a design on it. You really can put all kinds of art on it, whether it is an image, a picture, a painting, or something Photo-shopping. As a matter of fact, over the years a lot of T shirt printing techniques have been developed, each has its own pros and cons.

First, there is what is probably the most common method, screen printing. Why would someone use this printing technique? Well, to start things off this method more often than not produce very high-quality results that are extremely durable and will last for a very long time.

The second method is referred to as heat transfer, which also has gained some popularity in recent years. The main perk of the T-shirt printing method is the fact that it allows for the mold to be done in full color with a finish that makes it look like the pictures.

Finally, there is a method to the direct garment printing T-shirts. One major benefit is the fact that it is very easy to make and the process itself is very fast compared to other methods. Also, the design is highly customizable, allowing you to have pretty much anything you like, how you like it on a T-shirt.

Choosing the Right Custom Childcare Apparel

Child care centers and preschools often order special clothing for staff and students. Knowing what type of print and design to order can be confusing. Instead of just sampling at the printer, it's a good idea to be able to talk to trusted clothing company employees about your product choices and budget.

You can choose a different print style depending on the number of items you want to order and how the product will be used. You can also get t-shirts serigraphy (also known as t-shirts serigrafia in Spanish language) online.

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Child care centers usually order t-shirts for their students, especially for outings or polo shirts, uniforms, staff t-shirts, bags, lunchboxes or book bags. Some schools offer more prestigious items such as diaper bags for new customers or as gifts.

All of these elements can be created with your school logo or a special event message organized by your school. The sky is the limit for your creativity! There are generally three types of clothing designs: print, screen, and embroidery.

Clothing printing uses a digital clothing printer, which is a large format computer controlled inkjet printer. It is printed directly on the garment. The advantage of this style is that there is no minimum order or transfer and it is the lowest price of the three methods.

Screen printing is similar to templates where the graphic template is glued to a fine carrier. The ink is then pressed onto the shirt on the screen. This type of printing is also known as "screen printing" or "serigraphy".