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Tips to Stop Thumb Sucking in Children

 For many children, thumb sucking is something they automatically resort to without thinking. When you notice your child is about to suck his thumb, distract him with something. Preferably, engage him in activities that require both hands. You could even have a ‘Thumb Sucking Kit’ with stuff to occupy both his hands!

If your child uses thumb sucking as a means to calm down, teach him/her alternate methods to do the same. Toddler yoga is a great idea, as is calming music. Gradually, she’ll learn to soothe herself without using her thumb!

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If a baby tooth is a problem for you, offering teethers him instead. You can try one of the natural methods to relieve dental problems in babies.

Identify the times of day when your child sucking his thumb. Probably around mealtimes or more over several seasons or during a boring afternoon when the sister was not home from school yet. Whatever it may be, find a way to engage him before sucking her thumb began. Feed him before he began to feast on his thumb, and start the activity before he gets bored.

Stop Thumb Sucking

For small babies, gloves can curb the habit of beginning. Mittens with elastic very easy to take off, so go for those with strings to tie. You may have to face a little scream first, but it will soon subside!

For little thumb suckers are too smart for gloves, try to guard the thumb, which is a piece of cloth that makes the thumb is closed, allowing full use of the hand instead.

Thumb Sucking Is Bad For Child’s Teeth

At some point in the first few months of life, a baby will use a pacifier or his thumb to soothe themselves. Whether this behavior continues on depends on the individual child, and many will lose interest in comfort sucking as they figure out other ways to cope and self-soothe. For some babies though, they need to suck continues for many years. You can also help your child to stop thumb sucking by buying thumb sucking guard via

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Help your Child Stop the Comfort Sucking Habit

Although most children outgrow the need to comfort suck pacifier or their thumb, sometimes a parent has to intervene and help a child stop the habit. When should a parent step in? If the child is embarrassed by the sucking in pre-school or daycare or if dental problems begin to present themselves, it's time to step in. Positive reinforcement is the best way to help the child kick his thumb-sucking habit.

Get rid of Thumb Sucking

Kicking the thumb sucking habit is a little tougher simply because you can't take the thumb away. By offering much praise and encouragement, and even rewards for not sucking his thumb, it shouldn't take long before he feels less and less inclined to comfort suck. Try to identify the triggers that cause him to suck in the first place and either avoid or adapt to help him stop thumb sucking. For instance, if bedtime is a big trigger, try giving him a soft stuffed animal or a back rub as a means to soothe him.