Many engineers are more willing to solve a complicated Fluid Dynamics problem or analyze a water network then market their own business to prospective clients. It is not because engineers are not capable of marketing, it is just that marketing is simply outside of their comfort zone.

Engineers train for sometimes decades on solving highly technical real-world problems. For the most part, engineers are accustomed to seclusion to concentrate on complicated designs and analysis, while marketing has the perception of requiring a more gregarious person, an extrovert. Fortunately, the skills required to perform well at marketing are teachable.

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Engineering career fields: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical

As engineers progress in their careers, they move away from technical analysis and design to managerial tasks. The head of an engineering department spends perhaps 95% of his day on management and maybe 5% on engineering. The lowly Project Engineer will spend 95% of his day on technical designs and analysis, and maybe 5% on a management task. Due to a lack of business skills, some engineers are unable to make the leap from engineering to management.

Since business skills are teachable, the engineer can continue his education through training seminars and courses. Once the engineer comprehends the marketing concepts, he will understand that like the engineering market is a process that can be easily broken down into individual steps.

The engineer will also learn that marketing for engineering business is not like marketing for any other type of business and that an engineer is quite capable of performing many different types of marketing campaigns.

An engineer will be pleased to know marketing engineering services do not require television and radio advertisements or elaborate magazine advertisements. Engineering marketing requires only one thing; communicating your knowledge about your business to prospective clients.