Are you familiar with Rocky Patel cigars? Perhaps you have tried smoking one cigar? How do you discover it? Do you consider it one of the best cigars?

As compared to other cigar brands that have made history with the many years that they have them behind, Rocky Patel cigars may be considered fresh, youthful, and a strain that is still establishing its location in the cigar market – as well as producing its mark at cigar history.

This isn't to say that Rocky Patel cigars pale in comparison with the other more established cigar brands out there — suffice it to say that it is a brand that is evolving and becoming better and better with its cigar offerings.

Rocky Patel Cigars — A Brief History

Rocky Patel began smoking cigars around the year 1990. It was then that he learned to love cigars — and at about the identical time, a company opportunity chanced upon him to spend together with a different partner to a cigar manufacturing company.

That company subsequently was Indian Tabac, and Rocky Patel divided his time using this cigar company venture. He was also included with the promotion of these cigars despite first-hand knowledge of the actual blending of the cigars he attracted to the market.

The very first few cigar products afterward were the Indian Boxer, both the Chief and the Limited Reserve Line — under the Indian Tabac brand. With what Rocky Patel called cool and hip packaging that he came up for all these cigars, all these did well on the very first trade show in Cincinnati they engaged in — and the exact same colorful packaging concept has been utilized at an Orlando show in 1997 that also been shown to be quite a hit.

It was also about 1997 if Rocky Patel's preference for cigar evolved and became much more complex. He recognized that the tobacco they obtained was fine, and also, the cigars his partner made for its Indian Tabac cigar lines were satisfactory — but lacked the quality he looked for in a cigar.

Eventually, Rocky Patel bought his partner out and took ownership of the business. He also took on himself to research and learn the ropes of cigar producing — spending a great deal of time in Nicaragua and Honduras — if just to achieve the essential knowledge and expertise on the character of tobaccos and the art of cigar making. He took him about a few years to really learn the things after.

Then came about the development of Rocky Patel cigar product lines — those cigars have benefited from his newfound understanding of the required & critical requirements to come up with good high-quality cigars.

By the quality of the tobacco leaf, the natural fermentation process, the proper folding procedure, and many more essential techniques have contributed Rocky Patel cigars the quality many cigar aficionados are looking for.

Quality All Throughout

Rocky Patel has also implemented these techniques on his Indian Tabac cigar product lines – enhancing its quality and so offering a great significance for cigar enthusiasts on the market.

Rocky Patel cigars can be described as using a rich, intricate and balanced flavor. With excellent cigars, the Rocky Patel brand could markers its name on history. Another great choice are the excalibur cigars on that delivers a very rich taste.