Companies large and small to take advantage of conferencing solutions. Currently, three types of conferencing solutions utilized: Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing. Here is an overview of conferencing solutions that are used today in business and enterprise domestically and globally.

1. Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing is the oldest conferencing solution. Some of the features included in the system PBX (private branch exchange). These services use 3 telephone lines. Another feature is the cost of a two-party conference call system efficiently. Participants use speakerphones that are around the conference table in a conference room. If you want to know more about the Video and audio Conferencing then you can visit at

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Two party conference calls are effective but they have some limitations. These calls are nothing special. Only two people call each other. Difficulty hearing someone if they are out of range of the microphone or if the person speaks softly. 

2. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a conferencing solution that is so realistic, it feels like you are in the room with the participants. Many problems occur when using video conferencing. Setting up hardware and software. Travel expenses can be cut short and more businesses are using this as an alternative more than ever.