While purchasing a helmet you have to choose wisely. These are definitely things; the Department of Transportation tells which are ought to be checked out while purchasing a motor, electric scooter helmets. You can also buy electric scooter accessories from https://www.gottascoot.co.uk/accessories.

A helmet should possess an interior lining about one-inch thick which includes polystyrene foam. The interior liner should be inside the plastic and should not be showing. 

But, its depth ought to be felt. Unsafe helmets typically comprise only soft foam cushioning or bare plastic casing with very little if any padding.

Unsafe helmets normally weigh a pound or not. Safe electric scooter helmets normally weigh approximately three pounds. Normally, dangerous helmets are thinner and smaller than helmets that fulfill the Department of Transportation standard.


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You have to examine thickness, weight, chinstraps, in addition to the DOT and maker labels to ensure that your helmet meets national safety standards. 

Additionally, certain types of helmets are usually considered safe which follows all the standards. The complete face design of helmets is usually considered secure.

Helmets meeting national requirements need to have a decal, on the exterior of the helmet. The decal must be tagged “DOT". The helmets which are safe for use always have safety sticker pasted on them.