1. First, soak your root block in water for about fifteen minutes to make sure it is saturated. It is recommended that the pH of the water be set to around 6.0 to 6.5 before submerging the cubes.

2. When soaking the medium, use scissors or scissors to remove the cuttings from the mother plant. The cuttings should consist of 3-4 leaf knots outermost from the stem or terminal branch.

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3. With a razor blade or scalpel cut all knots in the leaf except for the top where it was cut as close to the stem as possible.

4. Cut the stem at an angle of 45 °. Some growers use the blade to scrape the outer layer of the bark, exposing the inner stem where new roots will grow. Others consider this step unnecessary.

5. Dip the rooting hormone that has been cut, making sure the distance of the soil is about 1 cm from the stem.

6. Remove the root block from the water and squeeze out a little water to keep it wet but not dripping.

7. Insert the end of the hormone-coated stem into the root block 3-4 cm deep. Place the pieces on the propagator.

8. If proper conditions are maintained, after 2-3 weeks all cuttings will have visible roots protruding from the root block and ready for transplantation.