Rosary has been historically used by Roman Catholics around the world to offer prayers to God and Mary. Rosario wonderful to use in times of need or suffering. The most rosary consists of strands of beads. Rosario is also used by Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims, to offer prayers to their gods.

In the Western World, the rosary commonly consists of 10 sets of beads, and "Hail Mary" is one of the prayers offered up are separated by a single bead to recite another prayer called "Our Father." It is both prayers in the Roman Catholic Church. You can buy St padre Pio relic rosary from various internet sources.

Hail Mary used to pray as he reflected on the life events of Jesus and Mary. During these prayers, we should try and focus on the sacrifice of Jesus, and Mary gave to mankind. When praying to Jesus, we must focus on the dying and suffering on the cross Jesus experienced as a sacrifice for all our sins.

Virgin Mary carrying the baby Jesus would be later known as the Savior of the World. Another common prayer is Glory to the Father who usually recited after every seat bead. Many times, throughout the prayer, there is a meditation on a series of biblical themes.

I think the most useful rosary during the time of great distress or challenges in life. I personally carry a rosary with me every time just in case the enemy is lurking near. Rosario was good as guardian angels to me.