All knives should be sharpened sooner or later, even the expensive knives get dull after a while. A dull knife is not only irritating to use, but it can also be harmful to you. A dull knife has a need for extra power and is able to drag the product to be cut, which increases the risk of cutting yourself. 

Modern electric knife sharpeners are very convenient to utilize requiring little more than inserting the knife to be sharpened in two designated "V" shaped slots usually in two or three stages. There are usually two steps of grinding and a step of polishing/lapping. There are also several online sites such as that provide various offers on buying and using electric knife sharpeners.

How to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener Appropriately?

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Electric sharpeners can do as good as new knife again and sometimes even better than new. Old knives quality or less expensive knives can give a second life when sharpened in an electric sharpener. The advantage of using an electric sharpener is that it requires no dexterity or sharpen a skill by the demands of the hand. Sharpening a knife with the help of hand is time-consuming. 

The first thing you should do when you bought an electric sharpener is to read the instructions and is that each of the slots on your sharpener is done. The manual should be able to tell you that the slots on your machine and order you should use. The first stage of the structure is the board, apart from cuts and deformation. 

Turn on the machine. Inserting the blade in the first slot to sharpen the right edge of the blade. You'll be pulling the blade toward you, make sure the area closest contacts to manage the sharpener wheels first. Draw the blade at a rate of about two inches per second.