Losing body fat can either be extremely difficult and frustrating to follow. If you're like most people, you'd much rather have the plain and simple information right at your fingertips, not to whittle down all the pages of the dozens of pages of guidelines you have online, not to worry about which tiny piece of information raises your statistics, and not to waste time reading something that you think you can pronounce and incorporate into your already busy day.

diet structure

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How to structure your diet in order to lose weight?

There's no specific program that says you must eat a specific food on any specific day of the week. Most diets set you up to aim for a calorie deficit, which means that you need to eat fewer calories than your body uses on a daily basis.

It's not even required that you eat the same thing every single day. In fact, you might follow a rotation diet structure, where you eat a different "pre-feast" day and a different "after feast" day.

You might follow one every 3 days, and another every other day. Or, you might let yourself have some of your favorite foods from time to time. The idea is to let you burn fat, and not have to follow a rigid structure of "no sugar" and "no starch" diets since this can be boring and "workout sterility" just isn't my idea of fun.

This diet plan is easy to follow. It's revolutionary in that it allows you to plan "cheat" days when you can eat your favorite foods, and still achieve significant fat loss. Most diets leave you tired, irritable, and even reaching a plateau when you may be ready to stop "losing 0.01 pounds." Every other day diet rewards you with the flexibility to enjoy your favorite foods, and yet lose weight, every week.