If your Garmin device is not connecting to the Garmin Connect app to sync data then, you will experience these following issues:

  1. Steps on your watch will not be synced in the Garmin Connect app.
  2. Any activity which you will try to record on your device will not be shown in your Garmin Connect account.

These steps which are mentioned below will help you to solve this issue. So, kindly proceed with these following steps:

  1. Close your Garmin Connect Application. Then, launch it again and select your phone type which you are using and wait for further instructions.
  2. Switch off your Garmin Device and switch it on again after few minutes. Note: ForRechargeable watches, connect your device into a USB power source and then, disconnect it after a few seconds. This process is equivalent to restart and for Vivo fit devices, you can skip this step.
  3. Turn your device’s Bluetooth setting off and then, turn it on again after a few minutes.
  4. Power off your smartphone and wait at least for one minute before you power it on again.
  5. Remove your Garmin device and then re-add it again. And if you want to know the steps for adding or removing the fitness devices, you can click here.

If you need any kind of technical assistance then contact us at My Garmin Map Updates.