Stone surfaces need to maintain, but how do you know when? In this article, we will look at common signs your natural stone surfaces need cleaning and restoring. 

natural stone surface photo

Lacklustre Appearance

your stone surface will stop appearing shiny. This is one of the most attractive qualities of natural stone surfaces and can be quite disappointing to lose. 


A stone surface needing restoration will start to stain. This could be due to imperfections or even gaps in the sealant. It can also be an indication that the sealant has word away and needs reapplication. 

Gouging, Scrapes and Cracks

Although stone surfaces may seem hard, some of them are rather soft. Poorly cared for stone will eventually end up having scrapes, cracks and gouges, all of which can only be removed through the refined honing process of a professional. 

What Should I Do If My Stone Floors and Tiles Need restoration? 

image of restoring stone floor

You could consider doing the job yourself with a trip to your local hardware store and a significant amount of research. However, due to the time requirements, it is better to consider engaging a professional restoration service to complete this task for you. Not only will they know, but they should also have much more efficient equipment to complete the job for you. 

How To Choose The Best Stone Restoration Expert? 

When selecting a professional service, be sure to compare a few companies to ensure their quote is reasonable within the market. It is also a good idea to look for testimonials or references online. A great place to source these are social media in a public chat group, as often people are more than willing to share their positive experiences (and even more willing to share their bad ones). Also, be sure to ask if the company provide a warranty for their service. 


We have taken a look at the process of stone restoration, how to identify when a stone surface needs restoring, as well as what to look out for if you do need a professional to complete the job.