Spring is here! And exactly what exactly does this mean? It's possible to quit wearing your thick winter scents and colognes, and split out the mild citrus, fruity aquatic and floral scents. 

There are a number of new and some old perfumes and colognes that are fantastic for Spring. They are quite distinctive, and approachable, confident fragrances which will have your friends asking what it is you are wearing?

New launches comprise Givenchy Play Summer Vibrations Cologne for men and Givenchy very Irresistible Summer Vibrations Perfume for Ladies. Givenchy pi eau de toilette spray is also a must try. If you are looking for more information about givenchy pi eau de toilette spray check this out.


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The Play Summer Vibrations is a mix of pineapple, citrus, sea spray and amyris wood. The Very Irresistible Summer Vibrations blends mandarin, , sea squirt,blackcurrant,  climbed and frangipani. 

Both are fantastic if you're searching for something that reminds you of a tropical or Mediterranean beach holiday. Other brand new launches for girls include Paris from Balenciaga. This really is a floral chypre that's soft, slightly watery and slightly powdery, with an eye on Balenciaga's trademark soft violet. 

The fragrance notes are  spices, pepper, , carnation, violet,  cedar, vetiver, patchouli, labdanum. People who have worn Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume might prefer this as a non-mainstream odor.