Each type of forklift tires has certain benefits that can be utilized in certain situations for what it was intentionally designed for.

And you will definitely have to determine the type of tires that you will be using to ensure the best vehicle performance.

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Well, there are three major types of tires used for these amazing vehicles. Let’s take a look :

Pneumatic tires : They are extremely similar to the tires that you find in plenty of heavy-duty vehicles that are packed with air. The tires are made of tough rubber and are thick having deep treads making them opposed to wear and tear.

These forklift tires help in extending the existence of the vehicles by giving the pillow of air to the middle of the truck and terrain where it works.

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Solid rubber tires : They are very similar to pneumatic tires, but do not have air and are made entirely of rubber. These tires are advantageous on forklift trucks because they do not explode or deflate.

These are good to use both outdoors and indoors, but they must be used seldom outside.

Polyurethane tires : They are ideal to use in an indoor environment. They are simply pressed into the wheels of the truck and then they are set to go.

It is especially good for use indoors while they give the operator the right amount of traction because they are opposed to short rolling.  These particular kinds of tires are perfect for use in electric forklifts.

Forklift tires are designed to use in every kind of situation. so, whether you use your vehicle inside or outside on uneven ground there are tires that can work together effectively with your truck.