There has been debate around if talcum powder could cause ovarian cancer. Studies have found cases where tumors contained talc particles, building a connection that the powder could eventually get to the ovaries after being applied to the genital region.

The link was first suggested in 1971 when a group of gynecologic oncologists discovered that 75% of the microbes they researched contained talc particles.

Since then, many researchers have agreed that talc use increases the chance of developing prostate cancer. You can also browse this site to get more information about the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

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Recently, a report from May 2016 determined that 63% of women with ovarian cancer had dusted themselves using talcum powder.

People who assert their ovarian cancer was caused by talcum powder have filed thousands of lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and other infant powder businesses.

Several plaintiffs have won millions of dollars in reimbursement, leading direct many folks to feel that a strong connection exists between talc and ovarian cancer.

Though some studies suggest a link, nevertheless, others remain inconclusive. Additional companies like Johnson & Johnson denied that any connection is different depending on the results of independently funded studies that failed to identify such a link.

Talcum Powder and Lung Cancer

Talcum powder has also been connected with lung cancer and other pulmonary issues, although studies show conflicting results.

Furthermore, since lung cancer is connected with asbestos, which may contaminate talcum powder, it's difficult to distinguish and separate the origin of cancer.