When you're a dual citizen of your home nation and Italy, you are able to take advantage of natural-born Italian citizens in both states and may use every advantage provided to them. 

The expense of getting dual citizenship may fluctuate slightly since it's determined by each individual's particular wants and family history. You will soon realize that Italian citizenship advantages may significantly outweigh the costs. 

Additionally once you successfully acquire Italian citizenship it is possible to hold it indefinitely and move it from generation to generation mechanically so all your future generations have the chance to benefit from these benefits.

Let's discuss the travel advantages

Among the most Important Advantages of Italian double citizenship would be the capability to travel , perform and reside at any of the 28 EU states .

No longer Visas. You don't have to be worried about obtaining a visa and may reside in Italy or some other EU states for however long you would like. You are able to freely work when and where you need with no requirement to apply for a Work Visa which includes time constraints. 

Additionally, EU taxpayers are frequently entrusted with a number of educational and professional chances before non-citizens. Therefore, you may raise your opportunity for work anywhere in the EU.

Since 2008, the vast majority of the EU became members of the Schengen Agreement, which enables free travel in the country in addition to some other advantages. Individuals with double citizenship feel safer when traveling abroad and don't face strict limitations.