Weed Growing Guide: Cannabis Indoors vs Outdoors

Knowing the difference between growing indoor and outdoor growing can allow you to make decisions about how you want to grow marijuana.

Outdoor growing is the most developed natural way; you use sunlight and in most cases will be planted directly into the soil.

Growing marijuana outdoors is usually more difficult than those grown in the room, as you would in most cases have to deal with pests and weather conditions which might hamper your efforts to grow. You can get to know about best way of indoor weed growing via online search. 

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Indoor grow more controlled and allows for a better environment to grow, with the ability to control things such as temperature and humidity. High humidity can cause bud rot and mildew forming on the plants, while the temperature is too cold can inhibit plant growth or in some cases even kill him.

Outdoor growing is a challenge, but when done correctly, it be very rewarding.

The sun is by far the best light to grow; it offers a full spectrum that helps to flourish marijuana. Indoor grow lights do their best work for natural light mirrors one receiving outside.

One area where the room grew takes a big lead over the outside though, is the ability to grow several crops a year in the room, as opposed to a single annual harvest outdoors.

Cannabis requires 12 hours of darkness a day to flower, in nature occurs with the change of summer to autumn. 

With indoor growing, you can control the lights and opt for your plant's flower when you want. Because of this, it is common for farmers in the room to have several crops a year, as many as 4 when the fast-growing flowering or auto-flowering strain.