Things To Consider Before Purchasing Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha is a very rare gem that is found in earth. This gem is strikingly beautiful and there is no other gemstone that can compare to its unique mixture of orange and pink. Gemstones can be used for different applications and jewelries such as necklace, rings and bracelets. If you are considering to own a very expensive gem, then consider purchasing padparadscha sapphire.

All gemstones are very unique and have their very own individual coloring. Some have darker or lighter in tones. Some are more pinkish and orange than others. For a sapphire to become valuable, it will need a more saturated color. Having a medium saturation is highly regarded. This is because these gems will have tone and color. But when purchasing one, it will entirely depend on your preference and color.

The clarity is a crucial aspect for padparadschas because the light tones they possess will reveal imperfections and inclusions. Any kind of cloudiness will make their delicate color dull. However, due to their rareness, many consumers will have to sacrifice its high clarity just to obtain a stone that has a brilliant and astounding color. This will mean that the stone will have asymmetrical and unusual cuts but this is a sign will guarantee that the sapphire is real.

Finding a padparadscha that has at least two carats as weight is very unusual to find. Having a two carat of this gem is already rare but having a stone that reaches at least five carats is already considered an auction house worthy and world class gem. The only gem that reaches a hundred carat is no being displayed in a museum.

Due to their rarity, padparadschas are very expensive. This gem has worked its way to become a collectors item and will be bought up quickly is someone can find one. Their selling price is at a premium and can be sold near to the price of blue sapphires. Usually, suppliers are selling them for at least several thousand dollars for one carat for one item.

The value of this sapphire will depend entirely on its quality and the size of a gemstone. Unheated ones are very valuable and worth more value. Because of their rareness, this sapphire has been known as one of the worlds very expensive gems. Their prices can be considered similar to fine emeralds and rubies.

Orange sapphires symbolizes enthusiasm and energy while pink ones mean romance, love and creativity. With padparadschas, these meanings are being combined in just one stone. There is no other stone that can provide more beautiful meaning compared to this gem.

When purchasing a gemstone from a supplier or a jewelry store, inquire if they can provide verified documentations. Prefer an independent examination and report that will entail the details of this particular stone. Factors like color rating, clarity, dimensions, weight and determine if there is any indication of heating.

Individuals can purchase this valuable gem from exclusive collectors and jewelry stores. Some online shops are also offering the se gemstones for a high price. Take note that the gems quality and size will play a major factor on its value. The carat weight, clarity grade, cut quality and the combination of colors will also come into the price range.