Why Was Takata Airbag Lawsuit Made?

Who is the Takata Corporation?

Takata Corporation is one of the manufactures of a wide range of automotive parts and equipment. The corporation was founded in Shiga, Japan in 1933. The earlier company produces cords for parachutes and various kinds of fabrics. In the 1950s the company became the first to manufacture automotive seat belts, building the first crash test facility for testing its products. The company even introduced the automotive child restraint system in 1974.

What is wrong with the Takata Airbags?

The defective airbags produced by Takata have been responsible for four deaths and over one hundred injuries. In auto manufacturer Nissan report, it was stated that the solid chemical propellant was used in Takata airbags. This solid chemical has a propensity to deteriorate over time, particularly under environmental conditions of high humidity. This resulted in excessive pressure in the metal inflator housing, causing it to rupture.


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How Many People Have Been Injured by the Takata Airbags?

In November 2014, at least four deaths, one hundred injuries were reported due to Takata’s defective airbags. This further resulted in the Takata airbag lawsuit.

What Types of Injuries Victims have Suffered from the Takata Airbags?

When Takata airbags deploy during the accident, the metal in the bag turned into shrapnel. Due to this people got injuries upon the face and upper body.


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What Vehicles are Affected by the Takata Airbags?

The Consumer Reports showed that over eight million vehicles by ten different manufacturers were affected.  The models from the following automakers were affected:

  •    Acura
  •    BMW
  •    Chrysler
  •    Dodge
  •    Ford
  •    General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac)
  •    Honda
  •    Infiniti
  •    Lexus
  •    Mazda
  •    Nissan
  •    Subaru
  •    Toyota

Takata Airbag Recall

Takata Airbag Recall becomes the Highest Vehicle Recall in the history. There are several media outlets that reported that airbag maker Takata has expanded its recall to include 34 million vehicles worldwide.You can click here to know more about Takata airbag failure.