What are the resident permits in Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean and is famous for its worldwide Business hub. Due to modem tax and legal regime, it motivates people to invest in their company. So, if you wish to invest in their company and want to remain there, then you want to apply for a residence permit.

So as to have the residence permit, then you want to employ lawyers in Paphos that will guide you with the visa and immigration procedure. In accordance with the law, if you’re an EU citizen, then you are going to obtain the license easily by simply filling the immigration form for formalities.

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But If You’re a non-EU citizen then you have to follow the procedure mentioned below:

Temporary Resident Permit: This is also known as a PINK SLIP. If you’re planning to remain in Cyprus for 90 days then you want to apply for the temporary resident permit that’s normally issued to the 1 year. You want to renew this pink slip within a month before your current permit.

This temporary resident permit lets you remain in Cyprus according to the license and you aren’t permitted to leave Cyprus for three or more consecutive months. Otherwise, this could lead to the cancellation of your license and you’ll need to apply again. You’ll find the permanent resident license only in the event you’ve remained on the island for the 5 consecutive years.

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Permanent Residence Permit: This is also referred to as the Category F visa that’s a long-term residency permit for non-EU citizen. For your Cyprus permanent residence, the immigration officer requires a proof that you have a sufficient income to live and your household is self-supported. In addition, you need to show you’ve been staying Cyprus for over 5 decades continuously.

With the correct documents and evidence, an individual can find the permits easily. Ordinarily, these permanent permits don’t get expired but when the man is absent for two years then it could get canceled.