How To Recognize The Art Frauds?

Today, life has become simple due to the advancement of technology.  One can share their art worldwide, meet new collectors and friends within the few clicks. It is important for every artist to raise money for their art projects.

There are some people who misuse such development and you may find yourself in fraud art dealing. Such scams and frauds are becoming very common amongst artists. One such art scam happened with the Dmitry Rybolovlev who is a well-known Russian Billionaire and art collector.

Usually, art authenticity is confirmed by the documentation that helps to understand the ownership history. This is collectively known as art provenance. If this provenance is good then it simply means that art is genuine.

Art Scams

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There are many signs that will indicate that you are dealing with the frauds. Always remember that nothing is free if in case you are getting some service for free that means that is fraud. To avoid this it is important for you to read the fine print carefully.

The other important factor that matter is contact information. If the contact details are insufficient or non-functional then there are chances that you are dealing with art scammer.  Make sure you verify the address, signature to know whether they are right or not.

Do not forget to check their credentials before proceeding towards the transaction. Check how they are replying to your emails. If you get an instant response that means they are eagerly waiting for your response that means the company is not legit. As legit art company or auction house has many clients; they usually take some time to reply.