Reasons For Hiring The SSDI Lawyer

If a long-term illness or injury significantly affects your ability to keep on functioning, then applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) may be the only means to support yourself financially.

Yet, while you might initially qualify, there are no guarantees that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will approve your claim and award these benefits. It’s estimated that roughly 40 percent of first-time applicants are refused, resulting in a frustrating waiting period while the appeal process unfolds.

When you haven’t already decided to seek expert advice, consider these five ways that a Social Security Disability advocate can help you achieve a successful outcome and receive the assistance you want.

SSDI Lawyer

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  • ACCURACY: The SSDI program package is the first chance to explain the specifics of your condition to the SSA, and the tiniest mistake or misrepresentation could slow down the approval process or even lead to a rejection. The application includes several segments, and even if you’re in excellent health, filling out a lengthy application can get stressful.
  • KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE: An SSDI attorney is knowledgeable about the Social Security Administration’s classification of disabilities and the standards applicants are expected to fulfill.An experienced attorney will help applying for disability form.


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  • PREPARATION: In case of an appeal, a SSDI attorney can prepare you for the rigorous questioning of the hearing. You may believe that meeting face-to-face is sufficient to convey the seriousness of your handicap, but the Judge is most interested in hearing how a specific medical condition prevents you from working in a work environment.
  • SUPPORT: A disability which causes ongoing pain or discomfort can make it hard for you to concentrate on preparing paperwork.When you work with a licensed SSDI attorney, you can make certain that your situation has been approached with attentiveness and professionalism, even when you are not personally able to manage every detail.


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  • VISIBILITY: The Social Security Administration is bombarded with SSDI claims. If your claim is denied, so you need to apply for a hearing, then you will probably have to wait over a year before meeting with the Judge for a hearing.