How to Open a Cuenta RUT in Chile

Before you move to Chile, you must know about some important terms and requirements in Chile. As Chile amongst the most wealthy countries and has sustained economic system, the Chile government has issued some specific rules and regulations for the immigrants who wish to move to Chile. Those who have undergone the process and living in Chile may be familiar with these laws.

Among all these terms and conditions CuentaRUT is one of the most important things that you will b encounter while moving to Chile. Before we discuss anything about opening a  Cuenta RUT, you must have some knowledge about the term CuentaRUT.

What is a CuentaRUT?

The cuentaRUT is a special account issued only by BancoEstado Chile. It is relatively a limited bank account, but can enough for you to start with when arriving in Chile. For every financial transaction in Chile, you must have a Chilean bank account to ensure that you are a Chilean resident.

Basically, the CuentaRUT is an account with a debit card that allows you to withdraw at all ATM in Chile. You can also do wires, and pay online or in shops and check balance account rut bank state online (Saldo Cuenta rut banco Estado online in Spanish). To obtain one you will have to follow some particular steps.

The process is really simple all you need to fill out an application but make sure that the application that you have done is on the official website of BancoEstado.It is very simple. You just need your RUT and your ID card number to register. Then, you choose the branch where you want to withdraw your card. And you will go there directly. Within one hour, you can have your card.

If you are new to the process, no need to worry you can get help from the web. As there are many sites offer a complete guide on how to open a Cuenta RUT online. If you are interested then browse this site and get more tips on opening a CuentaRUT.