Inferior Vena Cava (“IVC”) Filter’s Causing Death Or Serious Injuries

Since the release of IVC filter in 2005, the FDA has received a large number of adverse reports of Filters migrating or breaking off in the human body and causing serious injuries or death.  The IVC Filtration lawyers at Gomez Trial Lawyers are currently accepting cases involving these filters and them injuries they cause.

What Are IVC Filters?

IVC Filters are small, cone-shaped devices that are implanted into the human body to avoid blood clots.  They are made to capture an “embolism,” a type of blood clot that has broken loose from one of the deep veins in the leg on its way to the heart and lungs. If you need any help regarding the same, you can also look for drug lawsuits news.

What Health Risk Do IVC Filtration Pose?

Complaints associated with IVC filters systems are very serious.  Reports show that the complete filter or parts of it can break off and move to various parts of human body.  Sometimes the filters or parts of them while migrating actually puncture human body, such as the patient’s heart or lungs, causing life-threatening injuries or death.

There Are Two Main Culprits In IVC Filtration Lawsuits

Two of the major IVC filtration manufacturers, C.R. Bard and bard Medical, are at the center of causing these problems.  Both manufacturers create almost all of the IVC filters which may have harmed patients, and there are many claims that they misrepresented the efficacy and safety of their devices.

Recurrent Issues With Retrievable Filters

The FDA has also since issued a number of security warnings about the utilization of retrievable IVC filter systems.  In 2010, an FDA report detailed over 900 reports of adverse events from retrievable IVC filters, including 70 punctures, 328 device migrations, 56 filter fractures, and 146 embolisms.

I Had An IVC Filtration Implant – What Should I DO?

If you had an IVC filter implant or suffered difficulties from it, you might have legal options. The IVC Filtration system attorneys are reviewing potential cases including these filter systems and any producing accidental injuries they cause.