Famous People who had Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a problem that affects both children and adults. While it usually gets diagnosed in children most often these days, it still does not get diagnosed until adulthood in some. The main problem with dyslexia is the ability to read and comprehend what is being read. It has nothing to do with intelligence and what can be achieved. The list of famous people who had dyslexia numbers in the 100s. 
Here are but a few of them: Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone. Lewis Carroll, who wrote the wonderful childrens book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Richard Branson, who founded of the Virgin Airlines and Group of hundreds of companies Albert Einstein, who as a physicist first developed the general theory of relativity. Leonardo da Vinci, who painted the Mona Lisa and was a scientist and mathematician. Tom Cruise, who is a well-known actor. Steve Jobs, who was visionary and founded Apple Inc. Jules Verne, who wrote many enduring science-fiction books John Lennon, who was one of The Beatles. Jamie Oliver, who is a celebrity chef and author. Jay Leno, who is a talk show host and comedian. David Rockefeller, who is a businessman and well-known philanthropist. Steven Spielberg, who is the acclaimed film director. Now, if you were diagnosed with any sort of problem, would you not want to be in the company of the above? Those with dyslexia know they can go on to great things as all these people went on to do it. None of them were diagnosed early; they were all diagnosed after their childhood difficulties with reading and still went on to be high achievers. These days, it is diagnosed much earlier and there are interventions and strategies to help. Just think what the above could have achieved if they had help. There is no reason for dyslexia to be any impediment to greatness.