Different Type Of Child Custody

There are different child custody options available on the bases of the state of separating parents and situation of their child. If you want to have a better understanding regarding child custody then you can opt ‘family mediation Munich’ (also known as ‘familienmediation münchen’ in the German Language).

Basically, there is five type of child custody which is listed below:

  •    Physical
  •     Legal
  •    Sole
  •    Joint
  •    Bird’s nest custody


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In case of temporary Custody, a short-term arrangement is done in order to ensure that their child is well-taken care. A child is under temporary Custody till the final decision is not taken.

A settlement is made by custodial parent related to the child in case of temporary custody. An individual who takes charge of temporary custody has to look after a child’s schooling, welfare, and healthcare. Some separating individual also opts for divorce and ‘separation counseling’ (which is also known as ‘trennungsberatungt’ in the German Language). 

The temporary custody guideline varies according to the state. Different state has particular requirements for temporary custody. 

In the case of physical custody, your child lives with you.  There are few states in which joint physical custody is also permitted. Parents spend an equal amount of time with their children in this kind of custody. This is one of the best methods as here you and your ex-partner can spend the same amount of time with their child.


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Physical custody is possible in the case parents live close to each other.  

In legal custody right and responsibility in relation to child upbringing is given.  You have all the right to select your child healthcare, schooling, and religious upbringing. In some states, joint legal custody is also allowed.  Have a peek at this site in order to know more about child custody.

Insole custody legal right related to children is given only to one parent whereas another parent is given permission only to visit.